The Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI)

… was formed in 1996 to increase the awareness and understanding of private sector building control as a commercial and professional service for ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations. It is independent, wholly-funded by its members and has no commercial relationship with product manufacturers or warranty providers.

What is BuildingControl?

Building Control is a critical process where projects are checked by highly-skilled building surveyors to ensure the design team and contractor have met government-set Building Regulations that govern key issues such as fire safety, accessibility, security and thermal efficiency.

  • Approved inspectors certify the project but if they identify contraventions that the contractor does not ultimately remedy then enforcement is handled legally by the local authority.
  • This split in certification / enforcement has fostered fast-track, competitive, highly professional private sector companies working effectively with architects, developers, contractors and home owners.

What is an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are private sector companies and individuals that receive your plans and specifications, consult with the fire service and water authority where necessary and carry out spot-check inspections of the work in progress.

  • An Approved Inspector will not design your work but can offer helpful advice throughout the process to ensure it complies.
  • Similarly we are not there to supervise the project but our inspections at key stages will monitor that you are complying with Building Regulations.
  • Overall, we are approachable, helpful and move swiftly

Why should I use an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are highly skilled surveyors that provide a proactive and customer-focused service for all types of project across England and Wales.

  • We work Nationally and co-operate between ourselves to maintain professional standards and ensure high levels of expertise.
  • We are strictly regulated by CICAIR who issue our licenses to practice
  • We compete with each other and this encourages innovation and customer focus but we also work collectively and professionally to improve standards in the industry.
  • Over half of all building work in the UK is certified by Approved Inspectors.

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