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The Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI)

The ACAI was formed in 1996 to increase the awareness and understanding of private sector building control as a commercial and professional service for ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations. It is independent, wholly funded by its members and has no commercial relationship with product manufacturers or warranty providers.

As a private sector service its members are highly regulated by an independent professional registrar – CICAIR

The ACAI is regarded as the voice of private sector Building Control and continually lobbies for better regulation to raise standards of Building Regulations in the industry. Members also contribute to legislative improvements conducted by MHCLG and other Government bodies.

The ACAI works closely with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and Local Authority Building Control (LABC) in the Building Control Alliance (BCA), which gives one industry voice.

The ACAI’s vision is for Approved Inspectors to continue to provide a service:

  • That helps to deliver safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable buildings for current and future generations.
  • That works with the construction industry to ensure compliance.
  • Based upon the principles of risk assessment and independent third-party checking.
  • Which is accountable to a single regulatory and licensing body which has the power to investigate complaints and, if necessary, to discipline or withdraw licenses to operate.
  • That is delivered by licensed Building Control Bodies (BCB’s) all subject to the same requirements in terms of competence, conduct, training and CPD, insurance and performance monitoring.
  • Where standards are rigorously monitored, the results published and new standards developed to ensure the highest standards of consumer protection.

Current Executive Team

Chris Vaughan


Darren Ettles


Gary Cass

Vice Chair

John Miles

Vice Chair

Paul Le Mare

Vice Chair

Owen Edwards

Vice Chair

Michael Morgan

Vice Chair

Paul McNeill

Vice Chair

Andy Crooks

Vice Chair

Syrena L'Aimable

Vice Chair

Cliff L'Aimable

Vice Chair

ACAI Executives

The ACAI’s activities are directed by its executive team which meets regularly


Membership meetings are held twice a year in London and Birmingham.


Honorary officers are elected by the Association’s membership at the AGM.